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Our Mission

Women of Power encourages, nurtures, and supports
a safe place for Women in Power!  WOP provides a platform that not only encourages women to strive
for excellence, we support it!

Donyelle McBride

Donyelle V. McBride is CEO of McBride Hair Restoration LLC (MHR) and Global Trichology Training (GTT).  McBride Hair Restoration LLC is New England's pioneer and exclusive Trichological office.  MHR LLC services the needs of clients experiencing hair loss and alopecia while GTT trains and educates licensed professionals including the medical industry on alopecia awareness and solutions. Donyelle’s credentials include Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, International Certified Clinical Trichologist and Licensed Cosmetologist in which she incorporates her knowledge and experience on health and wellness to help her clients restore their hair using what she calls a “TricHolistic experience” while incorporating Nature’s L.A.W.S (Land, Air, Water, Spirit).  She has a passion for helping others and specializes in alopecia solutions for men, women, and children.  

Donyelle is a trailblazer in Natural Health and Trichology industry.  She is co-contributor of the world renowned "Hairy Tales" blueprint and guidebook for aspiring Practitioners and Trichologist.  Donyelle’s impact amongst her peers has earned her the nomination as leading Trichologist and  top best article in the “Hairy Tales” blueprint written alongside (57) specialist around the world.  You can also find her inspirational and motivational words of encouragement featured in major industry publications including Modern Salon.


  • American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)

  • International Association of Trichology (IAT)


International Lectures:

  • 2020 International Association of Trichology conference-Virtual

  • International Association of Trichology conference, Washington DC

  • International Cosmetology and Dermatology Conference 


Dyniecia Barnes


Dyniecia ‘CJ’ Barnes is the founder and CEO of Salon JOIERE, a premier hair salon and beauty supply servicing the Atlanta metropolitan area. With over 5 years of experience owning and operating a high-end salon, Dyniecia has established herself as an expert in the beauty industry and is well known for providing clients with a luxury experience, top-notch customer service, and stellar hair care products and services.

Dyniecia is a formally trained master stylist receiving a Master of Cosmetology credentials from Iverson Institute. She also has a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. Dyniecia is an Air Force Veteran with over 10 years experience in computer systems technical support and repair, network management, and was a Network Training Center Educator and installation webmaster. Dyniecia has coupled this formal education with her experience, knowledge and natural skill for education and leadership and created the Dyniecia Barnes Consulting & Professional Services Agency.

The Dyniecia Barnes Consulting & Professional Services Agency provides strategic consulting services to entrepreneurs in the beauty industry, helping them to strategically optimize their business. Dyniecia uses her signature system, The C.U.T. Framework to develop curriculum for beauty industry professionals and small business owners. Her signature system helps clients optimizing salon operations, incorporate technology and implementing efficient systems  designed to increase business revenues. By focusing on the experience of each individual professional, and teaching others to do this, has made Dyniecia a highly sought after consultant in her industry.


  • Weave Xpert International Team 5 Star Educator

  • Weave Business Specialist

  • Children with Hair Loss Salon Partner

  • Certified Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Specialist

  • Women of Power Associate


Tracie Radford

Tracie has been in the beauty industry for over 27 years. She received her training in Cosmetology from Riverside Community College. She graduated from Riverside Community College with an Associate of Science degree in Cosmetology. After being licensed as a cosmetologist in 1993, Tracie opened Make It Happen Private Salon where she has had the pleasure of servicing thousands of satisfied clients.
Tracie has always had a passion for hair care. Her love for the industry was passed down to her by her mother and grandmother who were both beauticians. After many years of working behind the chair, Tracie decided to respond to the recommendation of her sophomore cosmetology instructor to become a Cosmetology Instructor as well. In 2005 Tracie began her teaching career at Riverside Community College. After teaching for over 6 years, she decided to embark on a new interest specializing in hair loss.
Her new interest in hair loss developed when several of her cosmetology clients were experiencing hair loss and she had no answers or solutions for them. After referring them to dermatologists, many were not seeing viable improvements, so she set out to find answers. With a single web search on hair loss, Tracie began to embark on this new journey that would lead her to training to become a Certified Trichologist. She enrolled in the International Association of Trichologist under the direction of one of the leaders in the hair loss industry, David Salinger from Sydney Australia. The Trichology course Tracie took has been used worldwide and was developed at the University of Southern California under the guidance of David Salinger. Tracie is an IAT Certified Trichologist and a member of International Association of Trichologists. Tracie is an Educator, Hair Loss Expert and Author.  She has also had the opportunity to write and publish her first book called Activate Your Hair Follicles: A Comprehensive Guide to Solving your Hair Loss and Scalp Problems. The book provides additional information for those who may be experiencing hair loss or scalp issues to prevent them from suffering in silence. 
Tracie has dedicated her later years in the beauty industry to assisting men, women, and children in taking control and finding solutions for their hair loss and scalp challenges and concerns. 

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