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Women of Power Courses


Donyelle McBride

Medical Hair Replacement provides an understanding the fundamentals of constructing lace, mono mesh, stretch lace, vacuum system; the difference of lace front, full lace, skin grafting, medical wigs; and Cosmetic vs. Medical units. 


You will learn how to register with your state, set up with DRS, how to get your tax id, how get your NPI number and much much more!

Take advance of the $450 discount with a “One time payment” of $1350. To learn more about the offer follow the link below.

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Dyniecia Barnes

My Business Now is an online course that puts an aspiring entrepreneur in the driver's seat to business ownership. It is the best companion for anyone who would start a business right now if they just knew how. My Business Now does just that!

You will learn: How to Register a Business,

Apply for an EIN and Get a Business Number for Free

You will receive: A Free Course eTextbook, Business Phone System Overview, Free 1 Hour Business Consult and much, much more...

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Donyelle McBride

HPCC Course is designed for physicians, dermatologists, health practitioners, stylist, etc, interested more in-depth knowledge of the hair restoration and the role of body systems. The first part of this course is designed to provide you with a working knowledge of the physical and chemical processes of the hair and scalp. We will then discuss how chemical processes to the hair can lead to hair breakage. Finally, we will discuss the most common hair loss problems that can affect the hair. The course can also be provided as home-study course.  You are required to pass testing to become IAT certified hair practitioner.

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Tracie Radford

The 3 Day Hair Practitioner Certification course is hands on training designed for individuals who are associated with the hair industry and want more in-depth knowledge of the hair, how it is affected by chemical processes and finally, information about some common hair loss problems.

*a portion of your payment (up to $250 ) can be credited toward the full Trichology Certification Course should you decide to continue your studies.

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Donyelle McBride

Business Coaching with Donyelle McBride

Already trained in the field of Trichology and/or medical hair replacement?


Donyelle McBride's Business Coaching provides guidance and coaching on how to scope, develope treatment plans,  obtain a second opinion from experts in your field, how to market and advertise your business, client conversion and so more.

Follow the link below to book your next Business Coaching Session with Donyelle McBride.

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Cream and Black Free Masterclass Instagr

Tracie Radford

How to Effectively Transition from Cosmetology to Trichology: 3 Day Customized Training Sessions on

  • Customized Roadmap

  • Scheduling System

  • Treatment Plans

  • Comprehensive Consult Form

  • Appointment & Reminder System

  • Branding & Logo

And much, much more. 

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